State Projects


"Look Before You Lock" is a safety awareness program designed to educate the general public, especially parents and child caregivers, about the danger of leaving a child unattended in a vehicle even for just a few minutes. On a mild day, a child trapped in a hot car can die of a heat stroke or hyperthermia in just a few minutes. On average 38 children die in the U. S. each year from heat-related deaths, after being trapped inside motor vehicles.

AHAA has designed a brochure giving child vehicular heat stroke facts and also prevention / safety tips. This brochure gives examples of how to create a reminder to always check the back seat before locking and leaving the vehicle. This reminder might be to put something you will need in the back seat such as a handbag, brief case, employee ID, or cell phone, etc., so that you will have to open the back door to retrieve that item every time you park. 

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Many of our auxiliaries offer scholarship programs in their own communities for students entering a health related field.  If an auxiliary would like to participate in the support of scholarships and is unable to do this at a local level, they are encouraged to make a donation to AHAA, as the state organization does support a scholarship program. 



(Helmet Emergency Labeling Program) 

The HELP program gives emergency personnel important information about persons involved in an accident while engaged in an activity requiring a helmet.  The bright yellow round sticker on the outside of the helmet makes rescuers aware that there is identification / medical information inside the helmet if there is an emergency situation. 

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 The program gives our auxiliaries the opportunity to provide much needed information for the families and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. Through this program educational seminars can be arranged through Betsy Broyles Arnold c/o “Care Givers United” in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 



In 2004-2005 the AHAA Board established a Scholarship Program to be available to Arkansas residents and to be awarded to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Two $2,000 scholarships are awarded each year; one to a second year BSN student in the College of Nursing and one to a second or third year student in the College of Health Professions.



In early 2013, a $25,000 endowed scholarship was approved to be available to Arkansas residents and to benefit the above-mentioned colleges at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The scholarship awards will support one second year BSN student in the College of Nursing, who makes a commitment to become a nurse educator. Two students enrolled in the last year of their degree in the College of Health Professions will also be awarded scholarships.