About AHAA

The Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association (AHAA) is an affiliated organization of the Arkansas Hospital Association (AHA), proudly representing hospital volunteers of AHA-member hospitals across the state.


Prayer for Hospital Auxiliaries


Almighty God and Heavenly Father of Mankind, bless us we pray Thee, our endeavors in those hospitals in which we strive to bring comfort and hope to all who are in distress of mind or body.


Guide us so that we may use the privilege given us to help the aged, the ill and the very young . . . with generosity, with discretion and with gentleness.


Give us the strength to labor diligently, the courage to think and to speak with clarity and conviction, but without prejudice or pride.


Grant us we beseech Thee both wisdom and humility in directing our united efforts to do for others only as Thou would have us to go.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                . . .  Amen